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    Most speeding offences would normally be dealt with by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice, resulting in 3 penalty points and a £60 fine depending on how fast you were travelling and what the speed restriction was at the time. Generally speaking, the higher the speed, the greater the risk of an instant ban and as a general rule of thumb, when the speeding offence is in excess of 45% of the speed limit, there is a risk of an instant driving ban:

    A ban can vary in length from 7 days to 6 months depending on how many points you already have on your licence. Totting up 12 or more points normally means a 6 months ban will follow.

    For speeds in excess of 100 mph (or more than 30 miles above the relevant limit) the punishment starts at disqualification as opposed to penalty points. However, the decision is at the discretion of the Court and in certain circumstances, a disqualification can be avoided.

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It's Official Speed cameras 'not on worst roads' says BBC - Read the full report. - more

The UKs most dangerous Road is the A537 between Macclesfield, Cheshire and Buxton, Derbyshire and guess speed cameras on this road!

Shoot Out the speed cameras in this unique game courtesy or Mike Hughes.
Click here to play
Check Out our UK Speed Camera Guide to speed cameras and radar and prolaser guns.
What to look out for, what they do and how to keep your licence.
Often Seen on M-way Bridges

Auto Number Plate Recognition

Seen a mobile CCTV Van? Worried its a speed camera van?

ANPR devices work by scanning vehicle registrations and checking them against information stored in databases including the Police National Computer, to identify vehicles of interest to the police, such as stolen cars or those involved in crimes. When a suspicious vehicle is recognised it can be the focus of targeted interception and enquires. They do not monitor vehicle speed...more

More about ANPR Systems here

The police now use Laser as the most common form of mobile capture method. Typical sites for these laser guns are....Mounted on a tripod on a bridge overlooking a motorway or A road or from within a van or car parked at the side of the road.

Speed Camera Cash Machine

Visit the Official Truvelo Website

Forward Facing Truvelo - Doesnt Flash

Rubber Strips in the road calculate your speed and the Truvelo Camera captures your Reg and Face for prosecution later.

More News

Lancashire became the latest county in the UK to announce on TV a massive Speed Camera investment program. With 60 cameras currently, the number is set to rise to 300 over the next two years. Police will also be using long range radar out of mobile vans to trap speeding motorists.

Police will use local media to tell motorists where they will be operating mobile speed cameras. The Department of Transport is also advising 15 forces to post details on the internet.

Roaming units are designed to catch speeding drivers who escape prosecution by slowing down at fixed camera points.

The recommendations are being only made to forces which keep a larger percentage of revenue from speeding fines.

The RAC says telling drivers will be a deterrent and save lives, but motorists in some counties will not receive the information.

Department of Transport guidelines says policemen on the roadside must wear fluorescent jackets and be clearly visible, as must their patrol cars. Police are authorised to use the cameras where there have been four or more speed-related deaths or serious injuries in three years.

The cameras must be moved elsewhere if 30% of the traffic is not breaking the limit, says The Daily Telegraph.

Be Aware
: Northampton has more speed cameras than any other part of the UK. Also it is an area where many new developments in speed camera technology are tried first.

The Truvelo Forward Facing Camera, often installed in a GATSO style housing at the side of the road is not detectable by any conventional radar detector. Only a GPS system will pick these up.

Watch for the Red Lens which uses light and a series of rubber sensor lines in the road to record time taken to travel over a set distance.

These cameras dont flash (it would be dangerous) and were developed to ease identification of the person driving the car when it came to issung a fine. Doesnt work on Motor Bikes as they have no front number plate.

Visit the GATSO Official Website

SPECS Average
Speed Cameras
Becoming ever
more popular on Motorways through roadworks and A roads.
Motorway and A Road drivers can expect to see more SPECS cameras. High surveylance video that time you from point to point.

These are designed to prevent motorists from braking at the GATSO camera and speeding up later as they calculate your average speed between points, upto a mile and if you're over the limit, you're booked.

These are normally mounted on bridges or easily identifiable ganties and can be spotted by the infra red detectors either side of the camera.
These cameras are currently undetectable by standard radar detectorsbut will be by a quality GPS, satellite tracking system.


The creators of this site do not condone speeding in any form or manner. Information supplied is for information only and should not be used to Flaunt local laws.